Who Exhibits ?

If you are a manufacturer or distributer of the following technologies or products then Garmentech Uzbek 2019 is for you!

Industry players manufacturers & suppliers who have products in the following categories should join Garmentech Uzbek 2019 to expand their sales network and market contacts.

Textile Machinery & Accessories :

Spinning Machinery & Accessories, Yarn Processing Machinery & Accessories, Bleaching & Washing Machines, Steaming Machinery, Embroidery Equipment, Auxiliary Equipment, Winding Machines, Looms, Weaving Machinery & Accessories, Chemicals and Dyes, Cloth Processing Machinery & Accessories, Knitting Machinery, Testing Equipment and Controls.

Apparel Machinery & Accessories:

Cutting & Laying Machines, Grinding Machines, Ironing and Steaming Equipment, Laundry Machinery & Accessories, Garment Accessories, Sewing Machines & Parts, Dry-Cleaning Equipment, Fibers, Filaments, Yarns, Zippers, Buttons, Labels / Fasteners, Ribbons, Badges / Linings/ Interlinings / Trimmings, Beads, Motifs / Lace, Braid Embroidery / Rhinestone Accessories / Shoulder Pads / Brand Tapes, Rubber Bands / Belts & Buckles / Needles & Thread / Knives/ Others.