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Vibgyor Exposition, Mumbai, India, are pleased to announce their new exhibition: Screen Print Uzbek 2019 and Garmentech Uzbek 2019, to be held concurrently on 28, 29, 30 May 2019 at Kurgazma Savdo Markazi in Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan, a potential market in west-central Asia.

The new exhibition will focus on Screen Printing, Textile Printing, Digital Printing, Sublimation Printing, Textile and Apparel Machinery. It is being organized with the theme “New Business Horizons.”

Considering the potential of the market, there is a big opportunity and we are inviting you to book your stalls in this exhibition. Besides Indian manufacturers and suppliers, we are also approaching many international manufacturers and suppliers to participate in this exhibition. Vibgyor Exposition will make all efforts to make this event a grand success. The organizers will undertake massive online/offline promotion/social media campaign in Uzbekistan and neibhouring countries.

Why Uzbekistan?

The Uzbek economy is said to be in a gradual transition to the market economy. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Uzbekistan expanded 5.2 percent year-on-year in the first nine months of 2018. As reported, Uzbekistan is predicted to be one of the fastest-growing economies in the world (top 26) in future decades. Four sectors of the country were identified for consideration: employment, enterprises, exports, and energy and resource efficiency.

Businessmen are increasingly showing an interest in creating small manufacturing enterprises that are actively developing innovative technologies, manufacturing export-oriented and import-substituting products. Entrepreneurs are increasingly active in foreign markets, supplying high-quality textile, leather and footwear products, furniture and much more.

On the textile front, Uzbekistan is among the world’s leading cotton producers. Moreover, Uzbekistan manufactures machines and equipment for cotton cultivation, harvesting, and processing and for use in the textile industry, etc. The leading exports from Uzbekistan consist largely of extracted natural resources or raw materials such as cotton and manufactured goods such as machines, textiles, etc. Moreover, a resolution was passed by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan on additional measures for the further development of cotton and textile production.

What Is The Market Potential ?

During the interaction with the Uzbek industry experts, we have discovered that the Usbekistan Textile and Garment market have positive attitude towards adopting newer technologies and techniques. The Textile industry there keeps on updating technology and knowledge to build capacities and capabilities. Then there is a government support on shifting to Uzbekistan production capacities from Europe and elsewhere. Moreover, Uzbekistan enjoys Low energy cost at US$ 0,04/kVt and availability of Skilled labor resources at US$ 200/month, and a domestic market of Domestic market of 27,+ million population, as reported by “O’zbekyengilsanoat ” State Joint-Stock Company which also says that Uzbekistan’s Garment target was 560 million pieces a year and Hosiery products about 100 million pairs per year. Garment and Textile Manufacturer, service providers and related professionals in Uzbekistan and neighbouring countries will have a great opportunity to explore wide range of products and services related to manufacturing and finishing.

Event Organiser’s Track Record

Vibgyor Exposition Group has been playing a pivotal role in the development of screen printing industry in India and other countries for the last 25 years. Started in 1993, the Group of trade fair organizer has been organizing SCREEN PRINT INDIA, India’s one only exhibition and perhaps one of the biggest in Asia, focusing on screen printing, textile, digital and signage. Over years, SCREEN PRINT INDIA exhibition has become synonymous in Indian screen printing industry. The Group has also successfully organised exhibitions in Sri Lanka (two editions), Bangladesh (two editions), and Vietnam, etc.

The publication division of the Group brings out Screen Print India (monthly) and Sublimating Ideas magazine (quarterly) and Event, Venues and Avenues, a bi-monthly magazine. The Group is also associated with Screen Printing and Graphics Association of India (SGAI), SGIA, USA, CSGIA, China.

Uzbekistan Textile Industry

Uzbekistan’s textile industry features cotton intense production such as denim, terry toweling, home textiles, etc. and labor intense products such as apparel. There is an ongoing development in value added areas such as dying & finishing, blended and technical fabrics. Study reports suggest that there is also intense efforts on the development of ‘Uzbek textiles’ and a campaign to promote “Made in Uzbekistan” brands. Uzbekistan is said to be offering favorable conditions to absorb foreign investments from countries and leading textile centers. It is surrounded by a huge CIS market (Approx. US$6.2 billion) and it is free trade zone. In addition, its domestic market is also growing. And there is a definite strategy - to produce not only yarn and grey fabric, but also garment and hosiery. Already a strong producer of raw cotton and yarns, Uzbekistan is now ready to take its textile manufacturing capabilities to the next stage. The textile sector now focuses on expanding its existing production capacity besides the new investments. The objective of Uzbekistan is to invest in cutting-edge processes in fabric post-production processes and finishing.

Who Should Exhibit?

Industry players manufacturers & suppliers who have products in the following categories should join the show to expand their sales network and market contacts.

Textile Machinery & Accessories: Spinning Machinery & Accessories, Yarn Processing Machinery & Accessories, Bleaching & Washing Machines, Steaming Machinery, Embroidery Equipment, Auxiliary Equipment, Winding Machines, Looms, Weaving Machinery & Accessories, Chemicals and Dyes, Cloth Processing Machinery & Accessories, Knitting Machinery, Testing Equipment and Controls.

Apparel Machinery & Accessories: Cutting & Laying Machines, Grinding Machines, Ironing and Steaming Equipment, Laundry Machinery & Accessories, Garment Accessories, Sewing Machines & Parts, Dry-Cleaning Equipment, Fibers, Filaments, Yarns, Zippers, Buttons, Labels / Fasteners, Ribbons, Badges / Linings/ Interlinings / Trimmings, Beads, Motifs / Lace, Braid Embroidery / Rhinestone Accessories / Shoulder Pads / Brand Tapes, Rubber Bands / Belts & Buckles / Needles & Thread / Knives/ Others.

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